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Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj
  • Yogesh Vashisth
Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj, a most Famous and religious identity of the present,  It is viewed as that Swami Adgadanad Ji Maharaj went to his Guru "Holy person Paramanand Ji" in the time of November in 1955 in the hunt of truth when he was 23 years of age. Swami Parmanand Ji Ashram was situated in the thick woodland of Chitrakoot Anusuiya, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India. He was living in the timberland of wild creatures with no offices.He is the real saint.
He was much likely interested in the religious discourse through the virtuous bearings. He began contributing towards the social goodness through his otherworldly discourse. The well-known book by his Guru is "Jeevanadarsh and Atmaanubhooti" in light of the perfect and otherworldly existence of the Paramhans Paramanand. These accumulations are the sign of his life layout including different shocking occurrences. 
He is an incredible holy person who has never announced about his accomplished godlikeness. He has introduced himself just to the integrity of the general public individuals and helps them to know the truth of the genuine truth. It is viewed as that he was profoundly ruminated for the long fifteen years (with no nourishment, water or rest) in the closeness of his Guru. Swami ji wrote Yatharth Geeta.

What is Yatharth Geeta 

The Geeta was first portrayed by Lord Krishna to the Arjuna amid the Mahabharata (war amongst Kauravas and Pandavas) which can be depicted as a religious serenade communicating the profound gospel. It is a rhythmical discussion between the celestial educator and the conferred understudy. Geeta was first clarified by Lord Krishna to the Arjuna amid the war. In any case, it was likewise tuned in by the Sanjay from a remote place. This heavenly vision of the Sanjay was talented by the Ved Vyas. 
The Geeta is everything which can't be educated; it must be acknowledged and experienced through the dedication. It demonstrates to us the genuine way of life which goes towards the illumination. 

Instructions to Reach Shri Paramhans Ashram 

The Ashram of the Swami Adgadanand Ji Maharaj is situated in the Mirzapur area (close Varanasi) of the Uttar Pradesh state, India. 
Address of the Ashram
Shri Paramhans Ashram 
Shakteshgarh, Chunar-Rajgad Road, 
Area Mirzapur (U.P.), India 
It is the simple approach to reach to the ashram. One can reach to the ashram by street, flight or prepare. 
The most effective method to Reach by Road 
The Ashram is situated at 17 km remove from the Chunar. 
The Ashram is situated at 50 km separate from the Mughal Sarai. 
The Ashram is situated at 50 km separate from the Mirzapur. 
The most effective method to Reach via Train 
The Ashram is situated at simple to achieve put. There are numerous railroad stations in the Varanasi like Varanasi Junction Railway Station, Varanasi City Railway Station, Manduadih Railway Station and Bhulanpur Railway Station from which one can without much of a stretch reach to the ashram through the auto-riksha, taxi or different means.

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