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How To Start A Blog (2018) | What Is A Blog (Google Blog) Print This Article
How To Start A Blog (2018) | What Is A Blog (Google Blog)
  • Yogesh Vashisth

What Is Blog | What Is Blogging | How It Will Help You To Achieve Your Career As Google Blogger

Hello friends in this article we will know about blog and  how to start a blog for free. So please read this article carefully till end you will definitely get all answers and if you find any difficulty the please comment I will answer your question as well.

As you all heard about this term blog but a few know about exactly blogging. In simple words blog is an online web page like a website page in which you write or share some information knowledge about something. In other words anybody who wants to share some knowledge with a lot of peoples then blogging is the best way because it gives you rewards as well good amount of money as well. So we will know in this article in details about blogging and how you can start your first blog free and earn money from online blogs.


How To Start A Free blog | Wordpress Vs BlogSpot Vs Wix



  wpcom-best-free-blog-site blogger-best-blogging-platform-free wix-free-blog-site-to start-new-blog
  WordPress Blogger Wix
Ease of use 8/10 9/10 7/10
User-friendly Yes Yes Yes
Mobile responsive Yes Yes Yes
Hosting FREE (WordPress.com subdomain) FREE (BlogSpot.com subdomain) FREE (Wix.com subdomain)
Site Address Mysamplesite.wordpress.com Mysamplesite.blogspot.com Username.wix.com/mysamplesite
Custom domain option Yes, On Premium Plans by WordPress Yes, Buy a Custom domain from third party domain providers Yes, On Premium Plans by Wix
Updates and New features Frequently Rarely Frequently
Support Good Okay Good
Social media integration Yes Yes Yes
Visit Visit and start a blog Visit and start a blog Visit and start a blog

How To Start A Blog Free

This is very obvious question in mind how to start a blog free, so now i will help you and tell you everything in this article about this so don’t worry. We will know everything in some steps so that you can understand easily.


Decide whether you want to go for a free blog or a paid blog platform (blogging platform )

As we discuses earlier there  are lot of companies which provides blogging website free as well as paid so first of all you need to decide your platform.

List of free blogging platform as bellow

  1. Goolgle blog (blogspot)
  2. Wordpress blog (wordpress free blog)
  3. Tumbler
  4. Wix
  5. Weebly

These are some free most popular free blogging website they also provide paid hosting but for beginners it is good to go for free blog.

how to write a blog


Find out your niche for the blog

This step is very important for every blogger and this will decide your success or failure. Because it very necessary to know your blog niche in which niche you will work write article for blog. So it is very important to choose a very good niche.

For example if you decide to write blog on technology and you don’t have knowledge in technology so after some you will not able to run your blog because you don’t have complete or good knowledge about your blogging niche so you can’t write article properly or for a long timely. So it’s very good to write blog something which knows or in which you have lot of knowledge as well as experience. It will increase your blogging quality and it will increase your success rate.


How to choose perfect domain for blog (domain selection)

This is also very important to chose appropriate domain name according to your niche for this you can use some online tools to find unique domain name. Domain will represent your blog so in short everyone who doesn’t know about your blog he guesses from your domain so that your domain name should be significant to your blog stream or blog niche.

Domain preference for blog Priority

  1. .com
  2. .co.in
  3. .in

It is very important to choose correct domain because it will affect your seo score. It will reflect your blog identity that’s why it should be appropriative according to your blogging idea.


Choose appropriate domain registrars company

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap.com
  3. Bluehost.com
  4. Hostgator.com
  5. Name.com
  6. 1&1
  7. Register.com
  8. Inmotion hosting
  9. Domains.com
  10. Domains.google

Which domain is best

  • godaddy is highly recommend website to registrar your first blog domain. Godaddy has more than 19 million users all over the world.
  • namecheap is also one of the good domain registrar company it got rank 1st in 2010 as well as the in 2012.
  •   bluehost  as everyone know about  bluehost it provide blog hosting as  well as domain register for your new blog domain. Bluehost has more than 3 million hosting users. Bluehost has more than 11 million users in its domain registers company.
  •  name.com also a known name in the domain register company have more than 3 million users.
  •   1&1 it also a good place to register your blog address . It was founded in 1988 and provides .com domains @.99$
  •     register.com as the name suggest about the company it has more the 3 million active users.
  •   inmotion hosting  this company is know because it provide automated domain renewals
  • Google domains as all about google it will provide best service but right now google working on beta version soon google will launch full domain control system to its users.

Extra tip: you can find a full list of icahn-accredited registrars here.

How Do You Buy A Domain Name | How Do You Register A Domain Name

This is very obvious question in everyone mind that how can I buy a domain name. So it is very simple you need to go any of the domain register website as above explains. Then you need to search your domain name then you need to add cart after that fill your details and pay online you will get domain website dashboard where you will get all accesses as well as the dns manager account settings.

Some question may arise in your mind when you think about a domain name as below.

  1. How to get a domain name?

  2. How to buy a domain name?

  3. How to register a domain name?

  4. How to buy a domain?

  5. How to purchase a domain name?

  6. How to create a domain name?

  7. How to buy a website?

  8. How to choose a domain name?

  9. How to register a domain?

  10. How to register a website ?

  11. How to get a free domain name ?

These are the basic question in every one mind when he wants to start a new blog or start his own website. So in this article I will try to give you all answers very well and I want clear your all doubts if at the end you have any doubt in your mind then you free to ask any question in comment section I will answer you as early as possible.


Choose seo friendly template for (blog sites)

It is very important to everyone to choose a very good seo friendly blog site template because it is necessary to you if you want to rank higher in google so that you need a very good blog websites template. You can search seo friendly templates on google as well. If you are making your website on wordpress then you have a lot of free templates on wordpress as well as on google you can choose from anywhere. And if you are making your blog website on blogger or google blog so you need search carefully on google.


How to write you first blog post?

It is very important to every blogger to know how should be the first post of your blog. In very first blog post you need to introduce yourself as well as the blogging idea. So every reader gets some emotional attachment from your blog post. And he will definitely read your article till end.

Choose one of the best article topics which you know something new and unique from others so that is anyone come into you first blogging post he will get something different from others. In every post share some extra tip to your readers so that they will like you blog.




How to optimize your first personal blog?

This is very important because if you don’t optimize your blog article then you will not get good amount of traffic so that you need to take care of seo and some basic optimization on your blog before publishing you article.

Make sure you have use some h1, h2, h3 titles in your blog post if you don’t have any knowledge about this just search in our website about heading tags in our website and you will get your answer.

Make sure you have use some good images in your blog so that people who visited your blog post will feel good when reading your blog post.

Share your blog post as much as possible via emails, whatsapp, facebook etc.

So now you know all about

  1. How to create a blog?
  2. What is a blog?
  3.  How to write a blog?
  4.  What is a blog?
  5. Blog meaning?
  6. Create a blog?

If you find any difficulty in any of above mention question or doubt about blogging the you can ask. Now I will share some useful seo tools for blog beginners.


How To Do Promotion Of Your First New Blog?

  • Face book promotion
  • Google plus
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
  • Google places
  • Local search engines

How to publish your website on google ?


This very important to know how can your blog appear in google search results for this you need to create google webmaster account where you can find some option regarding to blog submit to google. To know more about this you can comment the I will make different article in which I will explain all about google webmaster tools.

Some Important Account Set Up Before Publishing Your First Blog Post


  • Face book page: before you publish your first blog post make a face book page on your domain name so that you can share your post on facebook via your page and when like increase on your fb page it will increase your visitors on your new create blog.
  • Twitter account setup for seo:  it is very important to setup you twitter account because it will give your blog back links as well as high domain authority and tell your user about new post.
  • YouTube account: if you are familiar to YouTube videos and it’s very easy to you makes some videos the you should make some online videos on your blog so that you will get traffic from YouTube and new users to your blog. It will also increase your website domain authority as well as the alexa page rank google page rank.
  • Google webmaster account: this one is very important because from google webmaster you will get information about your webpage and know how your page is rank in google search engine. If you get some errors in that page then google webmaster will tell you so that you can easily get rid of these kind of issue.
  • Bing webmaster tool: bing webmaster is also used for bing search engine get some traffic  from bing search engine so it will increase your active users so get higher traffic as well.

29 Important Things You Take Care Before Making A New Blog (2018)

  • To be clear to choose your niche in which you will make your blog.
  • Select domain name carefully because it is very useful and indicate your idea you blog so it should be perfect and reflect your blog idea.
  • Never use duplicate content on you blog because it will decrease you blog page rank in google and google search algorithms will panelize your blog as well may be your blog will block in google search.
  • Use unique self-made image instead of downloading images from google image search.
  • Write article frequently in stating time period it will help you to get trust flow from google and other search engines.
  • After publishing you blog post you should share it on social media.
  • Integrate social media plug-in on your blog so that if a person wants to share your article the he can share.
  • Regularly go through your comment section so that users get their answers.
  • Update Fresh content to your Blog page so that customers like your page and spent more time on it.


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