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  • Product Code : PM-23
  • Weight :100 GM
  • Beads :108
  • Product Condition : BRAND NEW
  • Material Used :HAKIK
  • Main Color : WHITE
  • Product Type : 1

Hakik White Mala or Rosary is produced using Akik gemstone and is viewed as exceptionally lively and effective stone. It is trusted that it helps in shielding the wearer from awful powers and furthermore helps in making boldness and progress. White Hakik Rosary is otherwise called dream gemstone. White Hakik Mala advances determination, self-acknowledgment, and enchantment; gives internal peace and adjust, quiet terrible temper, brings peace and lessens mental and mental anxiety. It conveys acknowledgment to ones potential and dedication to ones reason. It is the image of amicability and information. Hakik White Mala keeps us from terrible bad dreams, recuperates numerous illnesses and draws out life. It additionally draws in affection and favorable luck. It additionally fortifies thoughts and advances preparation. Add up to number of globules 108+1, Mala has been made in customary style. Purchase White Hakik Mala from our site Astroprediction.com

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