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Astrology Phone Consultancy

Marriage Astrology Consultancy

We Provide Phone consultancy service Online You can order.

  • इस सेवा के माध्यम से विवाह से सम्बंधित आपके सभी प्रकार के प्रश्नो का जवाब फ़ोन के माध्यम से आचार्य पीयूष वशिष्ठ के द्वारा दिया जाएगा ।
  • इन प्रश्नो का जवाब मिलेगा आपको इस सर्विस के माध्यम से-
  • कब होगा आपका विवाह ।
  • विवाह या ससुराल की दिशा और आर्थिक स्थिति ।
  • जीवनसाथी का रंग रूप, कार्य व्यवसाय और स्वभाव ।
  • विवाह के बाद कैसा रहेगा आपका जीवन ।
  • कैसे होगा आपका विवाह , LOVE या ARRANGE ।
  • यदि कोई विवाह में बाधा आ रही है तो उसके निवारण का आसान उपाय जिसे आप स्वयं कर सकते है ।
  • अधिक जानकारी के लिए View Details बटन पर क्लिक करे.....

Marriage Time Prediction

AstroPrediction Is an online astrology Shopping Website along with India's Leading Astrology Service Provider. We Offer Phone consultancy service Online.

  • Our Well Qualified Astrologer will Read your Horoscope
  • He will analyze your marriage horoscope
  • After reading your horoscope, predict your marriage Yog
  • We will suggest simple Remedies for you

Horoscope Match-Making

Match Making plays very important role in your Marriage Life so it is very important to check your Kundali before getting married.

  • Kundali milan is very necessary before getting married.
  • so our Astrologer will do for you and suggest you how many planets are in your favor.
  • You can avail this service from here by click on Buy Now
  • If have any doubt then call us.

Love & Relationship Predictions

To know about Love & Relationship in your horoscope we provide this service . you can know about love life and about your partner.

  • Our Astrologer will read your horoscope as well as your partner horoscope
  • After reading we will tell your about your love life and relationship with your partner.
  • We will suggest you simple remedies if necessary to get happiness in your love life.

Love Marriage Prediction

AstroPrediction provides Love Marriage prediction onlie. You can know love marriage yog in your horoscpe .

  • Our astrologer will read your horoscope and will tell you about love marriage
  • We will tell toy simple remedies for love marriage
  • We will consult you about love life in your horoscope.

Career Consultancy

AstroPrediction provide career consultation service By this service it very easy to know which field is very good for you because career is very important for every body so it is necessary to choose right career.

  • We Provide Astrologer on phone Service.
  • Our Astrologer will tell your most favorable career for your according to your horoscope or numerology.
  • After Getting career consultation chance of getting success increased.
  • We will suggest to best Remedies for get God Job .

Government Job Yog Prediction

Our Astrologer will read your horoscope for your Government job & see which planet is responsible for this yoga in your kundali.

  • Our Astrologer will read your Career horoscope after reading & calculation we will tell your which planet should be strong and why your are facing in problems in government job.
  • We will suggest simple Astrology Remedies as well as Lal Kitab Upay for getting Government Job early.
  • If you are facing delay in your Government Job then we will tell your reasons behind this.
  • After consultation you will surly get relief in getting Government Jobs.

Business Consultancy

We provide full business consultation hereby giving you Best astrology solutions according to your planets.

  • We Provide Astrologer on phone.
  • Our Astrologer read your Business kundali , after reading your horoscope we will suggest you simple remedies or upy.
  • Our Astrology Team is highly qualified in Business astrology & we have experience in this field more then 13 years.
  • So we will work for your Best future.

Ask Auspicious Muhurat

We provide best Muhurat timing fro you. Our Highly qualified Pandit will tell you auspicious time for Your Subh muhurat.

  • We Provide Astrologer on phone .
  • We Provide online Muhurat time for you
  • Our Scholar Pandits & astrologer will tell you best time (Muhurat ) according to your Horoscope.