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Yellow Hakik Mala

Yellow Hakik MalaCode: (PM-02)

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  • Product Code : PM-02
  • Weight :100 Gm
  • Item Type :Mala
  • Beads :108
  • Main Color : Yellow
  • Product Type : 1

Yellow Hakik Mala Agate Mala 


Yellow Agate Hakik Stone  to dispose of Blood related issues and skin illnesses.  Mala Japa Mala for Yoga and Mind Focus For Brihaspati and Baglamuhi pooja.. Advantages of Yellow Hakik Mala Yellow Hakik fortifies the heart, helps in curing throat and sun powered plexus, detoxifies framework, diminishes temperature and hones the sight. It could be set under the pad to soothe a sleeping disorder and bring great dreams. It is known for conceding quality, fearlessness, assurance and support. It favors the wearer with honesty, great conduct, satisfaction, knowledge, flourishing, life span, ripeness and great wellbeing. Hindu spiritualists trust that yellow hakik can enable youngsters to defeat their feelings of dread, figure out how to walk prior and keep up their adjust. It helps with making great companions. It is likewise useful for ranchers and those keen on developing plants. It reestablishes vitality utilized for recuperating. It expands capacity to avert self-initiated outrage and internal sharpness.

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Fantastic product quality and price of this Hakik Mala mala was awesome as compare to other websites.

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