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Ekakshi Nariyal

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One Eye Coconut

One eye coconut or Ekakshi implies one-eyed, By and large, a coconut has three dark spots which are considered as two eyes and one mouth however out of millions you will discover one coconut which comprises of one eye and one mouth thus they are considered as extremely promising "Samagri". Eakashi Nariyal gets fortune if kept Homes, Workplaces, Cashbox and Lockers, to improve the monetary status and bring riches. This sort of coconut is discovered once in a while and subsequently has extraordinary significance. It is offered to the divinity with coin and applying shoe on it on propitious events. An agent can satisfy his cravings and achieve awesome accomplishment by keeping an Ekakshi coconut in his money box or treasury, tied in a red bit of fabric. It helps a man to gain riches and thriving. It has been thought to be the best to have the gifts and invocation of the God. Subsequently it is particularly unmistakable. It is accepted to bring fortunes and is utilized as a part of profound and Tantrik ceremonies.

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